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Joseph Torbey

Torbey reelected Chairman of ABL. Salim Sfeir won one seat


Joseph Torbey has been reelected as Chairman of the Association of Banks (ABL). His team won 11 out of 12 seats of ABL’s Board of Directors.

His rival Salim Sfeir won one seat at the expense of Varouj Nerguizian, Chairman of Emirates Lebanon ….
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Two lists face-off in ABL elections. Sfeir leads a ‘List for Change’ VS. Torbey’s ‘Banking Decision List’


Salim Sfeir, Chairman of Bank of Beirut, is spearheading a list of eight bankers against the list of four-time Chairman of Association of Banks in Lebanon, Joseph Torbey.

With his “List for Change”, Sfeir promised to “carry out a series of re….
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Torbey camp prevails in sale of Credit Libanais. EFG Hermes to sell 63 percent share for $492 million


The Egypt-based EFG Hermes said its board has approved the sale of its 63.7 percent stake in Credit Libanais for a total of $492.2 million. Credit Libanais Investment Bank (CLIB) has arranged the sale of 9.41 million shares, representing 40 percent ….
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