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October 2015

Central Bank allows corporate debt restructuring. To develop financial markets and reorganize relationship between debtors and creditors


Banks and financial institutions will be allowed to restructure their loans, according to a basic circular issued by the Central Bank (BDL) this week. The circular targets loans provided mainly to companies.

“This circular is not worrying ab….
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A $750 million Eurobond swap. To cover maturing debt in 2016


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has recently begun a swap operation of $750 million Eurobonds to mature on January 19, 2016. This measure is to cover a debt due for payment at the beginning of next year.

“The swap process is underway, but it’s ….
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Loans to support food and tourism institutions. The maximum loan amount is LL75 million for seven years


The Economic and Social Fund for Development (ESFD) is cooperating with the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs & Pastry Shops in Lebanon, in order to support food and tourism companies through loans. These loans fall within the Fu….
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Disclosure by banks available to clients. It is mandatory to show lending and deposit rates computations


The Central Bank’s Basic Circular No. 134, which requires banks to apply measures to ensure transparent and fair dealings with their customers, has been completely implemented, said executives from Bank of Beirut and Credit Libanais.

The Cent….
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FFA: BLOM shares stable Audi and Byblos to decline. Growth in net profit, assets, deposits, and loans of each of the banks in 2015


FFA Private Bank revised down the target price on the shares of Bank Audi and Byblos Bank due to tough operating conditions and foreign exchange devaluation in key global markets. FFA kept the target price on Blom Bank’s stock unchanged.

The ….
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Beirut Stock Exchange halted for technical issues. No impact was registered against listed companies


Trading was halted on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) today due to a technical difficulty, according to a statement issued by the BSE.

According to Ghaleb Mahmassani, Vice President of the BSE, an electronic malfunction affected computers. He….
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